PowerShell and WebServices from behind a Proxy

Today i puppetted with accessing webservices from behind a proxy in PowerShell and i thought of sharing with internet community if one may come across.

Following are the work conditions that i have.
1) A corporate proxy through which all my web traffic route through
2) PowerShell RC1 version
3) Window XP with SP2

My Objective was to download a file from internet from behing a Proxy via PowerShell..(Coz i may Schedule a download one day through PowerShell Script) Continue reading


PowerShell Active Directory Series

In my 200th post already (as I did just see) as promised here the start of the Active Directory Management series.In this first Part I will show how to make a Active Directory Object in Powershell,
connect to a domain, list Properties and Methods of the Object, and how to get the child Objects and store them in a Variable again.We will do all of this interactive from the commandline,

there are no CMDlets yet for Active directory management in PowerShell for version 1,
but as we can use .NET objects from powershell we are still able to manage Activedirectory from Powershell.

the .NET Classes we need are in the namespace system.directoryservices..
(This naming is because as you can connect not only to AD but to an other directoryservices using LDAP as well. )
in .net 2.0 we also have a activedirectory namespace for infrastructure management but more about that later in the Series. Continue reading


Hi All!!!

Hello All,

This is my First Ever Post. I wanted to keep all my technological knowledge updates and material here for my-self and others whoever feels the info usefull.